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The Comeau Computing site is under construction!

Oct 17, 2013 -- Please note that we expect to resume providing new end user licenses for common ports during 2014. In the meantime, we are continuing to provide custom ports.

Fri, Aug 9, 2013 -- We are trying to gather up all previous versions of Comeau C++ ever sold. There were many versions, from legacy to modern, from major releases to upgrades, and on a ton of platforms. If you have the bits for any version, or parts thereof, please email it to us, including any complementing install instructions (instead of asking if we already have it, just sent it and we'll sort out duplicates, etc.).

Fri, July 19, 2013 -- Yes, indeed, it may seem that Comeau Computing fell off of the face of the Earth! Certainly off the web! So hello! In reality we did not go anywhere, just that we've been on a roller coaster between proprietary projects, other projects, life, the economy, etc. and it's been an interesting ride to say the least. The ride's been a long story you can read about in our forthcoming memoir as it won't be detailed here.

Here's the deal wrt this website. Most of this site has been restored as previously: FAQs, etc. Any other parts not here today will probably never see the light of day again. The part which still needs to be restored, "tryitout", could take months. Tryitout will probably go live iteratively. So please continue to be patient. So note then therefore that some links back to this site are currently broken and so will need to be resolved in due time.

We've been busy with some proprietary projects, that are long term, and will continue to be. Most of our current "public" offerings will continue as such however it is expected there will be some "legacy removal" TBA. As usual, we don't produce hypeware so be aware that 99.99% of answers probably will be that we don't know/can't say yet or that it will take time. It probably makes sense then to hold off asking until mid-Fall.

To contact us, we are going to try an experiment and a first change: try not to use the previous email addresses. We were getting up to 10K messages a day and that alone was impossible to deal with. Instead send it via gmail at the same name as this domain minus the .com extension. Of course, please keep in mind that some email never reaches its destination, and that will no doubt be the case whether going from you to us, or from us to you.

DFTBA. Hello World And Peace Out.
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